Today 4 of us (Cooper, Jack, Caroline Wade, and me) chose to go to Venice on our free day. It was absolutely amazing! Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, it was one of the best days of the trip so far. I keep falling in love with Italy more and more!  When we got out … More Venice


Quick Update: Gelato is really good. I’m not very good at haggling. The David is beyond impressive. Money flies out of your wallet in Europe. CR8 is amazing. These are all things that I have learned while in Florence. Having been to Florence before, it is really cool to compare pictures of my brother and … More Firenze

Food for thought 

If you come to Florence in the near future, eat dinner at Il Latini. It will change your life, but I highly advise fasting before attending dinner at this restaurant to avoid a near death experience.  This restaurant is unique in that they only serve dinner at two times: 7:30 and 9:00, and there is … More Food for thought 


Munich finished really nicely. We went to the BMW museum, saw the Olympic Park, and had some of the best waffles I have ever had (thanks CJ!). Overall, Germany was great and taught me a ton of valuable lessons. However, we unfortunately had to leave, but fortunately left for some amazing places. Switzerland and Cinque … More Beauty


I have been having a hard time wrapping my mind around this trip, especially this past week. We have been from Munich to Dachau to Interlaken to Cinque Terre and to Florence. Germany was mentally and emotionally draining. We learned about terror, death, oppression and destruction, as well as hope and prosperity. Walking around Dachau … More Unbelievable

Beauty and Power

“What is this? How?”- CJ This quote explains my past few days of CR8. I was fully convinced I had found the most beautiful place on earth in Interlaken, then we went to Cinque Terre.  Seeing beauty on such a massive scale leaves no doubt in my mind that there is something greater than us. … More Beauty and Power

The Triathlon: Flying, Biking, and Swimming my way Through the Alps

While this whole trip has consisted of one incredible experience after another, our first full day in Switzerland (Saturday) was something extra special. I truly made the most of every second, experiencing the Alps in nearly every way possible.While the day began early, we woke up pretty quick. And no, that is not because of … More The Triathlon: Flying, Biking, and Swimming my way Through the Alps

Rouge CR8ers

This morning we departed from Interlaken with heavy hearts, but not the way we expected to. I noticed something was odd when we flustered our way onto the wrong gate in an attempt to make sure we all made it on the train. We figured we could just walk to our section as long as … More Rouge CR8ers