Grazie Cultural Routes

Thank you, thank you, thank you CR for giving me the best few weeks of my life. Each and every moment was filled with something so special, and I know I came out the other side a better person. Dr. Pitcock you are wonderful for all that you do for the 14 of us. There will never be enough words to let you know how much I appreciate you and CR. 
Now a quick tribute to CR, an experience of a lifetime. 
Thank you CR for giving me a familia full of love, laughs, and people willing to accept you at your best and worst. Waking up at home this morning was bittersweet. It meant no more walking around Europe, no more accidentally leading the group to take communion and then laughing till we cried at lunch, no more getting gelato multiple times a day, no more random singing sessions and dance parties, no more swimming fully clothed in the Ligurian Sea, no more messing with Samuela and Fabio at dinner, no more tweezing the boys eyebrows, and most importantly no more spending 24/7 with 15 of the most incredible humans. When asked what my favorite place on the trip was or favorite thing about Europe, it’s not the sites or history that come to mind, it’s the people. Yes hang gliding over the Swiss Alps was unreal and learning the immense amounts of history and culture of each location was memorable, but what’s makes all of that worth while was those who I experienced it with. It’s crazy to think over 4 weeks ago I barley knew the 13 other students I was traveling to Europe with. Now I can’t imagine my life without them. 
So one last thank you to CR for giving me something that is so hard to say goodbye to. It was a crazy ride and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The countdown till we are all back together in the Fort begins now. 
I’ll end with the words of Samuela, “Preggo is what you say after grazie. I kill you all.”

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