Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!

Just like that, CR is over. It ended with a bang: an amazing dinner at Zagara, pictures at the Trevi Fountain, and very little sleep. The last moments of CR were unforgettable. 
When I woke up this morning, it all hit me. I didn’t see my gals rolling out of bed getting ready for another busy day or in Claire’s case, hitting the snooze like a champ. I ate breakfast, but there were no European Nutella packets, nor was Sydney drinking her first cappuccino of the day. Cooper wasn’t ordering hot chocolate, and Eli wasn’t ordering black coffee and getting an espresso instead. I went on a walk, but Jane wasn’t there to set a swift pace, and Mackenzie and CJ weren’t there to “snuggle-walk” with me. Then, when I got lost on my walk, Caydn, Luke, and Cooper weren’t there to get us back in time for dinner as they did in Munich. At lunchtime, I missed Eleni’s passion for food and Bianca’s hidden talent of being able to eat so much for such a small human. When I got in my car today for the first time in over a month, Jack wasn’t there to backseat drive and make sure I didn’t accidentally hit a golden retriever. In the lull of the day, Blake wasn’t there with his accents at the ready to keep things lively and fun, and at dinner tonight, Dr. Pitcock and Robyn weren’t asking about the day and keeping us full and happy. 
Goodbyes were hard, but not seeing all these people who I have been with nonstop for past month was harder. But isn’t that the point? To have people in your life that make you laugh and cry and think and grow. To have friends who you can be with 24/7 for a month and not grow tired of seeing. To have moments that will live in your heart forever. Now, I’ll just have to look forward to our reunion in August and the adventures to come. 

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