Life in the States

Well, CR8, as far as the event, is over now. However, CR8 will live on forever. Now comes all of the questions: “How was your trip?” “What did you learn?” “What was your favorite part?”. I have been asked all of those questions and for some reason I really struggle with an answer. How am I supposed to explain CR to someone that has never been? It’s not really possible to do accurately.

Yes, we saw many historical, flooring sights such as Dachau, the Coliseum, the David, among others. But what is so hard to put into words is the relationships and memories made on the trip. There are feelings that I cannot even describe to myself, let alone to someone that wasn’t there.

When I think back to my favorite moments on the trip only a couple have to do with what we were looking at (Dachau and the Coliseum), most just had to with the people I was around. There was the night at Il Latini, where we never stopped laughing. There was that time I got us on the wrong train and we had to find out how to survive in Europe alone. There was the night we all packed into a very small train car. And the night in Florence we shared many of our life stories and secrets with many people I met 4 weeks ago.

This trip means so much more than just the memorials and museums, its about the 15 other people that I know will always have my back. I wish I could describe it to other people, but sometimes a simple “amazing” or “the people were the best part” are the only answers I can suffice.

There is no point in going into intricate details about these special moments because no one, except my fellow CR8ers will understand. The last night was devastatingly sad, but we all knew that we were apart of something that will not soon be over.

To Dr. P, we are forever grateful for the amazing opportunity that you gave us with 13 of the most amazing people I have ever met.

To all of Europe, we will miss you probably more than you will miss us Americans making way too much noise.

To my CR8ers, thanks for being who you are. See yall in the fall.


Lukebeasleycom, out



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