Reflections on Cinque Terre

I seem to have slacked off a little bit on blog posts so my next few posts will be me playing catch-up. The first thing I need to talk about is Cinque Terre. After an unfortunate mishap with some mixed up trains,  we ended up in Cinque Terre a little bit late. In retrospect, it ended up being completely fine because Riomaggiore was still just a beautiful a couple of hours late.

This part of the trip was special to me not just because of the astounding views that I had so looked forward to, but because while there I probably had my brain picked the most while there. We were joined by four CR6ers who had just spent the semester in Florence and they provided nothing less than excellent conversation and phenomenal tips for the coming road ahead,both for the rest of our Europe trip as well as for the rest of college. They were a joy to have with us and i can’t wait to talk to them once we get back to campus in the fall.

I also had great conversation with Dr. P. While we had lunch on the mountain, he asked me what makes me tick and I told him discipline and conscientiousness. We talked about those but he also used the word ‘intense’ to describe me, something I had never heard from anyone before and something that I never had thought of myself being.

Finally, Cinque Terre made me think about how small I am. Our first night there our entire group stood in the harbor and watched the waves roll in. These waves weren’t gentle but were in fact the kind that would easily overpower you and render you helpless to their directions if you would be so unfortunate as to fall in. In that moment, all I could think of is just how big and powerful God is and how beautiful and strong is the creation that he has made. How lucky I am to be a part of that creation at all.

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