In planning the Cultural Routes experience, I always hope to secure the rare chance of visiting the Flavian Amphitheatre (The Colosseum) from the VIP perspective. It’s a unique opportunity to see the Colosseum from the very top, the very bottom (where animals were lifted up into the arena), and the middle (on a stage that sits where the floor would have rested). It’s the moment everyone in the Colosseum wants, tries to join, and looks at in wonder; literally, everyone in the Colosseum is looking at the group and wondering “How do I get there?” I had great fortune for CR4 and CR5 in securing this experience; the past two years proved almost impossible as the city of Rome and various ministers took extreme control (Sorry CR6 and CR7 … I tried). This year, in February, we were able to secure the VIP perspective, an experience very few people ever get and desperately want. CR8 was fortunate, and they loved it. Making the experience even better was having a good friend (Olga) lead the tour and teach us. Enjoy a rare look at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We had a phenomenal day.

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