“Is this joke to you?”

Scene Open

*Cue dramatic music

Scene: the market in Florence. Rain (not really, but it should’ve been for effect)

Act 1:

Jack May wants some jerseys for himself and his family, and Eli Reynolds, Luke Beasley, and Blake Bengtson would all like a jersey as well. The group of men plus Dr. P head to the market in Florence, determined to haggle the jerseys to a reasonable price. They show up, pass up a couple of jersey stands, and then find the guy who gave Jack and Blake a good deal on jerseys the day before. There, it begins

Act 2:

The group of men starts asking about different jerseys and sizing, and eventually reaches a decision on which jerseys people want to buy. The group collectively is buying six jerseys, one for Blake, one for Luke, one for Eli, and three for Jack. The stage is set. The bartering will begin. The shop owner looks at the group and says his first price. 14 euros. Blake look at the group confidently, assuring them in his ability, and tells the shop owner he will take all six for 45 euros.

Act 3:

The shop owner looks confused at first. He grabs his calculator to do the math. 7.50 euro per jersey. He now just looks a combination between angry, bewildered, and straight amused. He looks Blake in the face and utters the famous words “Is this joke to you?” Jack can’t contain his laughter. Dr. P watches this all unfold from a distance. Blake is bewildered, not knowing how to respond. He flusters, and eventually tells the shop owner that he gave them the jerseys for 10 the day before. At the end of the day, the group of men gets the exact same deal as the day before

Scene Close.

Florence taught me a heck of a lot. I learned so much about Italian history, the value of relationships (the amount of discounts and free stuff given to Dr. P is unreal), and more about our group of 14. My favorite museum personally was the Galileo Science Museum. Seeing his finger was really cool, but the cool part was seeing all of the ancient ways scientists learned, taught, and discovered. Eli, Bianca and I all really ate up this museum as the science oriented people in our group. I also really enjoyed watching Bianca experience the David. She is so passionate about art, and looked almost in tears at the sight of the David, explaining that it was one of the most profoundly beautiful things she has ever seen. Seeing that perspective, vastly different than my perspective on art, really challenged me to think differently. Another positive about Florence was the food. And by positive, I mean really positive. The pasta. The meats. The pizzas. Holy cannoli (literally, such good cannoli’s also). The only negative about the food was Il Latini, which is only negative because of the overwhelming quantity of positive. Read Claire’s blog for more detail, but I literally felt ready to die after that meal.

Florence was amazing. Now in Rome, I cannot wait to experience this last city and really squeeze everything out of it for the group as a whole. Ciao.

(Picture uploading is turning out to be harder than I thought so again, that will come in a later post.)


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