No Filter

Florence is the mecca of art. I came into the city a little worried about this considering my only true experience with art was the hashtag “artsy” on the ‘gram. Well, I took a class in high school, but I don’t think my popsicle basket is really on the level of the David yet (maybe … More No Filter


Well fam, we have made it to our final stop on cultural routes: Rome. First of all, I am thrilled; Rome holds so much history, culture, and shopping. What’s not to love? But secondly, I am struck dumb by all that has led up to where we are now. It’s crazy to think back to … More Changes

PHOTOS: Welcome to Rome … Now Start Cooking (Class)

Every year I try to add surprise elements to Cultural Routes. One element I added this year took place hours after arriving in Rome: a friend’s husband gave my students a cooking class in his lab kitchen. The students were amazing as they painstakingly worked through multiple processes to produce 2 pastas, 2 sauces, fried … More PHOTOS: Welcome to Rome … Now Start Cooking (Class)

Life is Good

The past week in Italy has been full of laughs, smiles, endless amounts of pasta, and the best gelato.  Cinque Terra captured my heart. There is something real special about this place. I don’t know if it was spontaneously swimming in sea, eating orange chocolate gelato, chatting with past CRers, or going on a long … More Life is Good

PHOTOS: Final Night in Florence, Francescovinni, and Fabio

On our final “official” night in Florence, we ate at Fabio’s restaurant Francescovinni. The restaurant sits on top of the walls of the original Roman Amphitheatre in Florence. The sight is where the Romans first used concrete and contains the oldest room in Florence.  After dinner, we moved to Piazza Michaelangelo for a final glorious … More PHOTOS: Final Night in Florence, Francescovinni, and Fabio


Today 4 of us (Cooper, Jack, Caroline Wade, and me) chose to go to Venice on our free day. It was absolutely amazing! Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, it was one of the best days of the trip so far. I keep falling in love with Italy more and more!  When we got out … More Venice


Quick Update: Gelato is really good. I’m not very good at haggling. The David is beyond impressive. Money flies out of your wallet in Europe. CR8 is amazing. These are all things that I have learned while in Florence. Having been to Florence before, it is really cool to compare pictures of my brother and … More Firenze

Food for thought 

If you come to Florence in the near future, eat dinner at Il Latini. It will change your life, but I highly advise fasting before attending dinner at this restaurant to avoid a near death experience.  This restaurant is unique in that they only serve dinner at two times: 7:30 and 9:00, and there is … More Food for thought 


Munich finished really nicely. We went to the BMW museum, saw the Olympic Park, and had some of the best waffles I have ever had (thanks CJ!). Overall, Germany was great and taught me a ton of valuable lessons. However, we unfortunately had to leave, but fortunately left for some amazing places. Switzerland and Cinque … More Beauty